Why Lady Grace? How Did it all Begin?

Posted on Sep 6 2013 - 2:18pm by Lisa

We invite you to get to know our Organization. And for us , that begins with  “Lady Grace”.  Of all the faces we could select to represent American Serenade, why choose Grace?

You may follow her personal Journal here over the coming months. But first please let me introduce you as I first met her.


It all began with a Wish, a Mistake and a Gift…

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My name is Lisa. Please allow me to introduce you to Lady Grace pictured above in our Society logo and share with you a wish.

Like many of you, I have a true passion for life, a deep pride in our country and a strong commitment to my family. And perhaps like you as well, I thoroughly enjoy wonderful beverages, particularly gourmet coffee, artisan tea & great wine.

A few years ago things suddenly changed for us. My life took a twist that started a journey. And it all began with a wish, a mistake, and a sketch of a young woman named Grace.

After being downsized from a large corporation, this wife and mother of two had an opportunity to learn all over again how to make precious time to spend with my family, friends and neighbors, as it truly is a gift.

It didn’t take long, however, to wonder if this gift of time had always been there even when the available between-work hours were so few. Maybe it was there and I just couldn’t see it?

Around this same time, a relative had shown me a wonderful original sketch created more than 70 years ago by a young American schoolgirl, Cecelia Dubay.

Cecelia DuBay Johnson’s 1940’s sketch is named Grace. It depicts a beautiful young woman dressed in what would have been normal attire for that era. As I looked in appreciation, a sudden calm and yearning came over me. I couldn’t help but wish for a way to recover those more gentle days.

When I first saw the Grace image I had quickly & mistakenly thought that the young lady looked to be carrying something, maybe a plate of snacks or a tray of beverages for her friends. Of course with my passion for fine beverages, I can easily picture a great cup of coffee almost anywhere.

As I later discovered, Grace was simply folding her hands in an appropriate formal position as young women may have often done back then.

As a result of my “Grace mistake”, a wish became an idea that later blossomed into an organization we call American Serenade.

And with Serenade came a vehicle to share my passion for fine beverages and help inspire others to take advantage of the time we have together because it is a gift and can never be recovered.

Serenade is dedicated to honoring exceptional small-business American artisans by proudly offering their beverage and dinnerware creations along with a kind, gentle reminder from our Lady Grace:

‘As you use our products, please remember to take advantage of your gift of time by spending special hours with family, dear friends and wonderful neighbors.’

“Cheers to you, to your family and your friends” and my deepest gratitude to the gifted American artisans who create our American Serenade beverages, dinnerware and stemware.

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