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Posted on Feb 2 2014 - 4:40pm by Lisa

We love Valentines and are always looking for a way to celebrate throughout the day, instead of the typically couple of hours at the end of a rushed day.   Grace encourages us to create the time and treasure what moments we have together.  Keeping our relationship with our spouse and/or sweetie strong helps to keep the family strong.     It has started to become a joke amongst many of my girlfriends that birthdays are turning into birth weeks or months of celebration.  So why can’t we make Valentines Day more of an event as well.  We took Grace’s advice and created two Valentine’s Day Event Menu.  Please feel free to use the menu’s as they are or use them as inspiration to create the special day that works for you both! Either way, we wish you wonderful Grace Time.

Valentines Pairing Menu_second










Valentines Pairing Menu2

We would love to hear how you are planning to celebrate Valentines Day.  Please share with us via email : 


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Grace & Lisa

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