Recognizing our Military Family over Independence Day!

Posted on Jul 5 2015 - 3:16pm by Lisa

American Serenade was conceptualized during an American Product Journey by our Founder, Lisa Mitchell.  After an unexpected change in Lisa’s career and life, she started writing a blog about some of her passions: coffee, tea and wine. Until one day she said, “Why not start a business around these products and provide an opportunity for other Americans that want to earn an income but allow them to work around their family time while promoting quality American designed products!”   Our focus is supporting and partnering with small American artisans to keep the American dream of owning your own business flourishing.”


We offer products that are ‘Made in the U.S.A.  Our suppliers are small American Businesses that ignite their passions into their designs and partner with us to hand-design products that are uniquely created for American Serenade. This was our objective on day-one and we continue to succeed in being able to say that today, as we have grown across the United States.   This would not be possible without the dedication and sacrifices of our military personnel and their families!  As, what they do continues to give us the Freedom to create and run our American businesses!

We proud to be Americans and we would like to take this opportunity to recognize just a couple of our American heros and their families during this Independence weekend!  



Name: Petty Officer First Class Thomas R. Maxwell








Connection to American Serenade: Husband of  American Serenade Wine Club Member

Years of service? 14

Still currently serving? Yes

Branch served? US Navy

Tell us something about your service? So far, I have served 3 tours in the Middle East as a Heavy Equipment Operator with the US Navy Seabees.

Explain to us ‘why you do it?’  I originally joined the military to honor my uncle who died in Vietnam. I want to be able to do my part and give back to my country what it has given to me, and continue to give that freedom to my children and my children’s children.

Anything else you would like us to know? I want to thank the Navy for the opportunity to serve my country, it is the greatest honor.

Any loved ones that have supported you along the way you would like to tell us about or thank?  I would to thank my wife and kids for supporting me throughout my Navy career.


Thank you to Thomas and your family for your service and sacrifice to our great nation!!


Navy 1973










Name: Mark C 

Your tie to American Serenade?  My daughter is an independent consultant.

Years of service?  6

Still currently serving?  No

Branch served?  Navy/Navy Reserve

Navy Portrait

Explain to us ‘why you do it?  I served because I love my country and feel it is our duty to serve. I received in return experience that I will detail below.

Anything else you would like us to know?  I went to the Navy to get away from religion which was a big part of my upbringing only to find out that God had other plans. I was assigned to the Navy Chaplain Corp’s as an Chaplain Assistant. From there the Chaplains counseled me as I felt and they confirmed my call to ministry. It was from working with those great professionals that I was able to do almost all of what the ministry details in civilian life except preach and counsel. I was the administrative assistant to the chaplains and set up the religious services as well. Little did I know that this would be part of my ministerial training and after leaving the service I went on to seminary and pastored for 29 years.

USS Hancock

USS Ricketts

 Any loved ones that have supported you along the way you would like to tell us about or thank?  My dear wife Diana, children Cindy, Brian and Michelle


We would like to thank you for answering our request to recognize you not only this historic weekend, but every day!  American Serenade would also like to thank all of our other military personnel for serving, as well as their family members.  We recognize not only do you sacrifice and risk your life for our freedoms but your family members have to sacrifice having you away! We can not thank you all enough and we have no concept of what you go through on a daily basis! 

We hope you are taking some time this weekend to enjoy #gracetime with your friends and family! 

God bless,

Lisa Mitchell & the American Serenade family!

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