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Posted on Jan 13 2016 - 2:19am by Lisa


They had me at chocolate.       What about you? What a brilliant idea to have a National Chocolate Day.       Although I have to say, running a coffee, tea and wine company…every day is chocolate day around here.  Chocolate is the perfect pairing with our selection of beverages.   Plus, I will take any excuse to bite into a piece of chocolate.   Dark chocolate is my favorite… what is yours?

Here are a few of our beverages that chocolate pairs with deliciously.



Chocolate is divine with wine, especially a dark chocolate. For many of you that do not savor the bite in dry reds, it also helps smooth the taste of a dry red. I love listening during the wine portion of our in-home tastings when I pass out the a dry red to sample.  


Cabernet blend: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc & Syran

Cabernet blend: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc & Syrah

Even our guests, that do not normally care for a dry red, smile and say the chocolate truly does smooth out the dry red taste.    Plus, dark chocolate is a great pairing with red wines.  In fact, it goes well with just about any semi dry to dry wine.   We offer three dry red wines.  A Merlot, a Pinot/Syrah blend and a Cabernet blend. 



The other evening my daughter and I each had a chocolate craving, but our only option was a can of whipped cake frosting in the pantry.  We both chuckled, and said “Why not” and each grabbed a spoon!  Life is too short and we laughed and got our chocolate fix!!  What a great memory with my daughter and #gracetime.  


If you want to bypass eating the chocolate, we put the chocolate in a couple of our coffees. We offer both a mocha mint and a chocolate raspberry coffee flavor. All of our coffees are Gluten Free and because of the way we apply the flavoring at the end of the hand roasting process…you can taste the flavors throughout your morning cup.      


Chocolate Raspberry coffee

mint and chocolate with whitelabel 


Of course, even if you choose to just bite into a delicious piece of chocolate alongside of your non- flavor cup of coffee, we would never tell. According to the Cleveland Clinic dark chocolate is good for your heart.         It offers Antioxidants and Flavanols that help improve blood flow.   So go ahead and partake with your cup of American Serenade coffee. Any one of our non-flavors will be a great pairing, especially Minuet, our Organic Costa Rican or Espressivo, our Guatemalan French Roast.   This will help bring out the intense flavor of the chocolate.


Chocolate Covered Espresso beans:

Now, if you are a chocolate and coffee lover, we have the natural perfect pairing for you. Our chocolate covered espresso beans are smooth, chocolately and crunchy.We have combined two of my favorite things: coffee and chocolate into one delicious snack. Our chocolate coffee beans are the perfect afternoon pick me up.       The chocolate is so smooth tasting and the beans are absolutely delicious, you will forget you are eating coffee.    We offer two different packages.  One with a mix of dark  & milk chocolate and one that is a sampler pack of 4 with; dark, milk, white and marble chocolate.  Both are 4oz packages and the perfect snacking size. 

Chocolate covered espresso beans

Chocolate covered espresso beans

However you choose to enjoy your chocolate, think of American Serenade as the perfect compliment.

Contact me for the perfect pairing selection.



Lisa Mitchell

Founder of American Serenade

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