Hello and thank you for taking some out of your day to share some #gracetime #moments with me.

Who is Grace & What are  #gracetime #moments? 

Hello, My name is Lisa.  A few years ago, things suddenly changed for me……  My life took a couple of unexpected twists that started a journey for me.  And, it all began with a shake-up, a chance encounter, and a sketch of a young woman named Grace.

Let me explain.

After working many years for a large corporation that, out of the blue, was  being downsized,  and then unexpectedly on top of that, finding myself divorced, this mother of two quickly discovered how to  precious and fleeting time is and that time… truly is a gift.   



I’m not alone…all of our lives are nuts these days, aren’t they? We have crazy work schedules, baseball games, music lessons, and never-ending errands and ‘to do’ lists.


Sadly, Family Time happens in the car while running errands.  Friend time happens during a rushed phone call or a quick text while you’re trying to get the kids out the door.  “Me” time happens when you’re putting your make-up on at a stoplight on the way to work or forgetting to drink your coffee and it gets cold.  In between we always feel we are behind on to  email, phone calls, social media posts and …OH those texts that you read and forget to respond to until days later.  Plus, the word ‘me’ time, seems to have a negative connotation that we are neglecting our child or missing out on another program or opportunity for them.  Not realizing, we are running ourselves ragged and not being the best mom, friend, or wife we can be.

Being YOU is exhausting sometimes!

I can totally and completely relate!   But, miraculously, around the time my life was changing and becoming more hectic, a relative had shown me a wonderful original sketch created more than 70 years ago by a young American schoolgirl, Cecelia DuBay.

Cecelia DuBay Johnson’s 1940′s sketch is named Grace.  It depicts a beautiful young woman dressed in what would have been normal attire for that era.  As I looked in appreciation, a sudden calm and yearning came over me.  It hit me, like a new , yummy Michael Kors bag….time was going by too fast and I needed to slow down and appreciate it.     I wanted more…more time…and a time when life did not seem so frantic and we did not have to ‘schedule’ time to spend together.  Without getting to personal, during my married life..my husband was fairly backwards & liked to keep to himself.   Out of respect for him and our marriage I/we did not venture out & embrace new places or experiences as I would have liked to , nor had we  spent much time with friends.  After my divorce, I realized how much I longed for those experiences and times again.   Grace was exactly what I envisioned for my life and my new venture –American Serenade as a calming symbol for my family and other families.

We’re ALL so busy…. we don’t make time to hang out, reconnect, and refresh.  That’s why you really need meet Grace!


Grace is classic and elegant.  She doesn’t just have friends over, she is the ‘hostess with the mostest’, but she does it with ease.   Grace always finds interesting, new things to try.  Grace treasures her family and friends and creates time to recharge.  She knows that a lil ‘me-time’ makes her a better wife, mother, worker and friend.  Grace looks for any excuse to get together with family and friends.

I ADMIRE Grace, and try to follow her example!

Surprisingly, it didn’t take long, however, for me to realize this gift of time or #gracetime #moments are there to grab, even when it seems sparse between work, kids’ schedules and everything that pulls us in a million directions every day.

I always say “we are ALL busy, but we make time for things that we want to make time for.”

Don’t you agree that we always find ourselves saying “Lets have lunch or go out soon!”…. right? At the time, we are truly excited to meet up, but ‘something’ , that is more important, or someone else puts on our calendar, always seems to get in our way and we put that lunch off.  We are all guilty of it.

That is why I created #gracetime #moments…. because I no longer wanted to say “Lets do it soon.”  Now, I schedule and we pick a date and time. or instead of being all comfy at home and too tired at the moment,  I grab those last minute fun plans that I know will be re-charging or create wonderful fun memories.   I believe in grabbing every moment you can…..before those moments are no longer available.


I even use Grace and this #gracetime #moments around my business, American Serenade.  Volleyball games, car pool, wineries with the girls, shopping, food trucks  and road trips, just to name a few,  are perfect excuses for me to have Grace Time.   I am happy to share my #gracetime #moments with YOU and would love to hear about YOUR #gracetime #moments as well.

Grab your Grace Time today with those you treasure most in life….while you still can.   This blog & American Serenade are here to help anyone else in their journey enjoy those #gracetime #moments with their loved ones.

We are busy, but Grace reminds us that it’s possible–even required–to make special time to be with yourself, your friends and your family.  Visit our blog to keep up with Grace’s Journal. www.coffeewinetea.com.

Do you have Grace Time?  If so, I’d love to hear about it over a glass of wine.   Or tag #gracetime in your social media posts. 





Lisa Mitchell