If You Had Just One Wish

Posted on Jan 26 2014 - 2:27pm by Lisa

Hello, this is Grace and it’s really…really cold today.


On days like this you will often find our family indoors, all of us in the same house at the same time!

Winter usually provides those days to us but this winter is unlike most and being together always offers opportunities that can present interesting outcomes. So this evening we decided it was time again to re-acquaint ourselves with some individuals with whom we share life, our children.

Our kids are no different from most, they will talk about the most unusual subjects if we let them. And believe me finding ways to provoke conversation can be challenging. So we’re creatively persistent. When we succeed, we work hard to be patient listeners and we think that we know them fairly well.

But they are young and we also understand that knowing them well this week may have little bearing on what priorities are important to them next week or even a day later. So we sometimes play a game we call ‘If You Had Just One Wish’.

When we play ‘Wish’, our objective is simple. We want them to know how much we care about understanding what is most important to them. And while playing ‘Wish’ we almost always find that priorities have changed in their lives. Sometimes dramatically.


We are never surprised when the first round, a personal wish, begins with a wish for something grand. Their most important dream no matter how grand or seemingly trivial is just what we want to learn. Even knowing that, sometimes too often, their wish cannot be fashioned into reality at the time.

And when it’s our round-one turn, we sometimes find ourselves having to say that our most important wish is to some day help them make their wish come true.

Round two is really interesting because this is where the wish is restricted to a best friend. Imagine the possibilities here along with the opportunity to encourage them to make an important wish for someone else’s benefit. And, can you image when that best friend is someone whose name you are just hearing for the first time?    I love this game!

Round three’s wish must be for someone they know about but is not a close friend. And with the kids’ it’s always a surprise, often entertaining, usually informative, and sometimes in the most unusual ways.

We will forever cherish one instance when The Wish was for a schoolmate, whom we later learned was continually abused and neglected at home.  The wish was that their classmate could get to know our family better and feel love.

If I had just one wish, it would be that you have also experienced that amazing sense of life’s warm fulfillment as we did on that eventful day. I really do love that game.

With Love and Grace Time Memories to You and Your Family,





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