Grace’s Thanksgiving to Remember

Posted on Nov 27 2014 - 3:50pm by Lisa

You Really Do Need to Meet Grace…Really!

Being you is exhausting sometimes! You are so busy we don’t make time to just catch up in person, reconnect, and refresh 

That’s why you need to meet Grace.

Grace is not  perfect, but she always seems to make the perfect decision when family time is in short supply.

Speaking of her, you will appreciate some insight into her most memorable Thanksgiving experience shared through Grace’s personal journal…

We love Thanksgiving and this year is no different but maybe just a little more special. My dear mother decided that it was time for me, her youngest daughter, to finally host our family’s traditional Thanksgiving Day meal.

Exciting does not begin to describe my feelings, no, but frightening certainly does. You see, Mom was so excited about her decision she told everyone in the family…everyone but me. I found out from my eldest sister three days prior to Thanksgiving.

It’s a long story but things like this seldom happen and I was so pleased to host that a word of Mom’s oversight was never spoken outside our household.

My husband and  children performed like troopers. They were so supportive and I think excited for me as well. Our family butcher and the wonderful owners of the corner grocery store were typically remarkable.

Thanksgiving Day soon, actually too soon, had arrived and although not perfect, everything seemed to go flawlessly.

Thanksgiving harvest image

I must say I enjoyed it and actually took a breath and exhaled for the first time in three days. During clean up right after dinner my husband quietly commented that the color in my face had began to return.

That night the two of us shared a glass of our favorite ice wine, had a private but very special toast to our life together and laughed about the most simple occurrences of that memorable day

We especially enjoyed my favorite uncle’s frantic phone call just before dinner wanting to know where everyone was. His ‘famous cornbread was already cold’ and Mom & Dad were not yet home.

I will always remember this Thanksgiving. And will forever appreciate how easily a loving family and very close friends can transform the simple combination of food and conversation into a symphony of experiences that play like a Mozart concerto.  At the time it may have had some chaotic moments, but it does not matter, wonderful memories were made that will last a lifetime.

Much Love and Happy Thanksgiving,






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