Grace’s New Year’s Reflection & A Wish

Posted on Dec 31 2013 - 4:55pm by Lisa

Grace’s Poem

New Year’s Reflection & A Wish


At first so young and right, so innocent in your sight.

But as I grew, I made mistakes and began my breath of life to take.


Now older and somehow wiser, is this what you had planned?

That I should need to see life first to learn and take a stand?


I hope this was your vision because it now seems such a shame.

That I missed those between years as your presence had remained.


Well I’m older now with a family. And beside me you’ve always been.

It’s not too late this day I hope to amend for that…again.


The times, you know they were often, where I had neglected your daily sign.

That you were here beside me and had signaled all was fine.

 Last night I saw the sun kneel down. Then it struck me oh so clear.

How sad that I had missed it in all those younger years.

You spoke to me with your sunset through my heart to mind I could feel,

That you would sustain protect me in a way that’s true and real.

You say Goodnight with a Sunset to each of us each day.

My wish is we then remember you, as You do us…I pray.

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