Grace Celebrates American Exceptionalism and sharing Grace Time Moments

Posted on Nov 11 2014 - 12:27pm by Lisa

 Join our Lady Grace as she celebrates American Exceptionalism and share your ‘Grace Time Moments’.  

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We are very fortunate that so many of you take time to share your family and friends special moments. These are wonderful snapshots of Americana we call Grace Time.   We are thankful that we have the freedom as American’s to take and treasure this time. 

We love hearing from you. And we want you to know that you are making a difference. Sharing your Grace Time Moments allows us the opportunity to help put a face on the real America.

For after all our country is composed of unique individuals who exhibit so many seemingly common characteristics. Yet as a whole, we are truly an exceptionally uncommon nation…But why?

Soon after September 11, 2001 a Romanian news journalist, Cornel Nistorescu, summed it up perfectly.

He had watched U.S. television virtually non-stop for days attempting to understand why individual Americans from all over this great land came to New York City to help.

What both confounded and amazed him about this unorganized yet peaceful uprising was that no government had issued a decree and no one was being paid to be there. Yet there we were by the thousands. Common everyday Americans united by the tears on our heart and resolve in our eyes.

But what was our motivation and why would this melting pot of diverse heritage, race and ethnicity exhibit such an astonishing commonality of purpose?

After scores of hours watching in amazement, he would sum it up in one exceptional American characteristic that says it all. …’Individual Freedom‘…

In celebration of our freedom, Grace shared with us this simple poem from her journal:

Our America, An Exceptional Nation

We expect nothing more than the freedom to succeed.

For we have been granted the inner strength to fail.

We will defend our right to fail again yet again.

And then humbly give thanks when we prevail.


When we delight in a snapshot of an American family sharing Grace Time, we are reminded to cherish those little things that help nurture and strengthen us.

Thank you for allowing us to share in your seemingly common, yet exceptionally American Grace Time Moments.  In celebration of Veterans Day, we also want to thank those that have served and are serving to allow us to maintain these freedoms.  

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