Christmas Grace Time for a favorite pet, Michelle, Amy and a young Gracie

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We love hearing from you.  And we want you to know that you are making a difference.

Sharing your Grace Time stories allows us the honor to again put a face on the real America. For after all our country  is composed of unique individuals who exhibit so many seemingly common characteristics.  Yet as a whole, we are truly an exceptionally uncommon nation.

Not long after September 11, 2001 a Romanian journalist summed it up perfectly.

He had watched US television almost non-stop for days attempting to understand how and why Americans from all over this land came to New York City to help.  What both confused and amazed him about this unorganized yet peaceful uprising was that no government had put out an edict to come.  No one was commanded to be there. NO one was being paid to help.  Yet here we were ..but why?

After hundreds of hours watching in amazement, his simple conclusion was summed up in one beautifully uncommon characteristic that said it all….’Freedom‘.

Here are a few of our customer’s Grace Times from Christmas.  And thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in your seemingly common, yet exceptionally American moments.


We will started with our youngest Grace Time moment yet.

Young Gracie’s Grace Time,

Grace F, as her mother describes her, is an old soul.  She loves teas and to try new ones.

Gracie’s parents, who are also monthly coffee club members, purchased a gift basket from American Serenade filled with Tea goodies for their daughter for Christmas.









Her mom, Kelly, told us she  was thrilled with her Tea Infuser and assortment of loose leaf teas that her parents bought her for Christmas.  


Today Grace was at a sled riding party with friends and the kids were sharing what they each received for gifts, although her American Serenade tea basket was the first thing that came to her mind, at 10 years of age, she was afraid her friends would not be as excited as she was, so she shared something else.  :) Although the first request when she came home from a day out in the cold and snow, was a warm bath and hot tea.   

Thanks Grace, we love hearing your story and how much you appreciate tea as much as we do. 

Next, Amy M’s Grace Time, which includes here children and their beloved dog. 


Amy’s Grace time

Amy has once again been enjoying coffee through American Serenade.  She ordered a sampler box of flavored coffees to find her favorites.  She also ordered one as a Christmas gift for a friend, although she secretly told us, shhh, that she opened the sampler gift pack and after trying our coffees, she pulled out her favorites and kept them for herself and gave the remainder as the gift.

One of her favorites, is our Snickerdoodle, which she is enjoying below.


During Amy’s Grace Time,  her kids were playing out in the snow and when they came inside they enjoyed cups of hot chocolate, while Amy enjoyed her cup of Union (Snickerdoodle) coffee.  Both are especially good with a dollop of whipped cream.  :)

Amy tells us that her family is addicted to whipped cream, and they keep their American Serenade whipped cream maker stocked at all times.  Shh…she tells each time her and her daughters go into the refrigerator they sneak a taste of whipped cream.  Even their dog, Marley is hooked.  Marley can hear the whipped cream being poured and she comes running to sneak her share :), we love that!!

Who could say no to this sweet face? marley up close

marleys taste


Michelle R.’s Grace Time

Michelle’s sweet tooth Grace Time.   Michelle has two young children and a husband that has been working crazy hours lately,  Michelle took some ‘me time’ and treated herself to Mint chocolate chip cookies, which she baked, and paired it with our Medley Coffee (Mocha Mint).   What a delicious combination! 


Michelle tells us ” This time of year I always bakes a few of the same treats that her grandmother made at Christmas.  It always brings back such great memories of time with my grandparents.”.

Some of the other cookies she baked were Buckeyes and peanut butter kisses (pictured below).

peanutbutter kisses



They look delicious Michelle!! We love hearing how you want to carry on traditions from your Grandmother!







So please continue to cherish and share your Grace Time moments with American Serenade.  We feel blessed that you want to share those moments.

Do you have a Grace Time moment? Please submit them to us at


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Lisa & Grace

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