NYC Birthday Celebration

I love it when trips are not planned way in advance but are born out of a ‘That sounds like fun, sure…count me in.” 🙂  One of my friends said she was taking her daughter and some of her family to NYC for her oldest daughters ‘Sweet 16’ birthday!   She asked if she could take my 13-year-old daughter with her to keep her 13-year-old company.  (mind you, these two girls are best friends) After my daughter stopped screaming from excitement, I looked at my calendar and realized my son and I did not have anything going on that weekend either.  Hmmmm.. sounds like an opportunity for some one on one #gracetime with my son and a new #adventure.  We have never been to NYC before…sounds fun!!  And so…NY bound we were.

(Photo taken in Bowling Green Park)

A friend of mine lost her son at the age of Every few years my son and I have taken a trip together.  That time away from schedules and car pools is invaluable. You really get to compress and make some memories together. Plus, if your teenagers are like mine…sometimes they are not always the most forthcoming with information.  But I have found getting them out of their every day environment, they tend relax & do not mind hanging out with mom and opening up a bit.  Plus, I find myself more relaxed and able to decompress and it just makes for a fun time.

Although, I have to admit, I was a bit nervous finding my way about the subway system and the city by myself with my child.  However, I happen to have a ‘techie’ for a teenager and he was all about downloading the subway system apps and enjoyed finding the stations and which train we needed to take and we just had a great time. We only got turned around once :).

Since we had not been to NYC before, we only picked a handful of things we really wanted to see and then we decided to just spend some time checking out the city with no expectations and just get a feel for it. We knew we were coming back in June.

One of my favorite things about NY is all the food, food and more food choices.  Gosh, I wish they had more restaurants and food trucks.  LOL

I am a big foodie.  I love to try new things and have had the opportunity to taste some delicious and exquisite food over my 40+ years.   I love fresh ingredients and chefs that are not afraid to put a twist on a favorite and know how to bring out the best flavors in a particular dish.  Although I do love a delicious, gourmet prepared dinner, we also love a great dive. Sometimes the best foods are found in local diners.  We had a great breakfast at Galaxy Diner in Hell’s Kitchen.  Very simple, eggs and french toast but they were cooked very well.  The atmosphere was very fast paced but the food came out quick and it tasted very good and they had a good menu selection. We were very happy. 

We also tried Pelligrino’s in Little Italy and it was absolutely delicious.  We all enjoyed our meal and we were able to sit outside on the side-walk and it was a beautiful evening to eat outdoors. The Chianti was also very good.

We were only in NYC for 2 1/2 days and one of the days was totally dedicated to my son.  I let him pick out everything he wanted to do that day and it was my 16th birthday present to him. His choices were B&H photo shop (he is a techie and a pretty darn good one too. I am so excited to see what he does with his future), The Intrepid Air & Space Museum, and The World Trade Center Memorials.


I love watching him in his element and when he educates me about the history of some of the planes that were on display on aircraft carrier.  Just listening to what he knows and hearing him be passionate about something warms my heart.  Plus it is one of the few times I get more information from him than “It was fine.” or “I don’t know”.  Anyone else hear this from their teenagers?  #preach

We also toured the  911 Memorial which was just ….I have no words.  It is just something you have to go through and witness yourself.

My addition to his list was dinner on top of One World Observatory.  It has an amazing view and the food is divine.  The menu is limited but we loved everything we had.   I had the Branzino (fish) and my son had the ribeye.  Both were prepared very well.  I would highly recommend it.  #dinnerwithaview


We are a family of food sharers, alright.  I have raised my kids to share their food with me. LOL.  If you are going to eat with me, you have to allow me to eat off your plate and vice versa.  It allows you to more things on the menu.

Brevan and I both ordered different entrees, shared a side and ordered different desserts.  Everything we tasted was absolutely delicious.

I could go on and on talking about all the sites we visited and the food we ate in New York City.  We were only there for 2 full days and I felt like we were able to do so much.   All I know, I loved experiencing that with my son and having that quality time with him.  We even met up with my daughter and friends for a couple of hours one evening, which was so fun!

A trip full of memories I will never forget.  Life is fleeting, but memories last.  #gracetime #moments #grabthemtoday