Progressive 40th Birthday Celebration- Girls Day Out

Do you have a group of ‘those’ friends?  You know the ones I am referring to….the ones you can be completely silly with and just kick back and relax…BUT, who will tell you straight up what they think!  The ones you refer to as ‘your girls’.

I have been very blessed to have my own group, and I will refer to them in my blog posts as ‘The Shopping Girls’ which is really code for:  a bunch of moms who get together , act silly, and enjoy ANY outing that is an excuse to get together.   Our outing could involve shopping, wine, birthdays, fundraisers…. and basically, just pausing from being a Mom for a brief moment and enjoying being ourselves! ..No judgements, no one interrupting our conversations asking to be picked up/dropped off .. AND, and here is the BEST part!…… we can go to the bathroom by ourselves!

Alright, back to the event… Milestone Birthdays are a perfect excuse to pull everyone together.  And this time, it was Michelle’s 40th birthday! We typically go all out when we plan a get-together, as we do not have the opportunity for all of us to meet up that often.  The above photo, is the goodie bag that Debbie (tiny and in charge) put together for all of us! So cute!!

Game Plan:  A progressive ‘surprise’ birthday party at three of our homes.

Theme: Water, flip flops & lots of laughs for “Michelle’s Flipping 40” birthday bash!








Aren’t these napkins adorable…#truth ! (Amazon)




Our celebration began with brunch at Melissa’s.  This included:  mimosas, fruit, an egg casserole and these delicious blueberry scones with Lemon curd from Trader Joe’s (DEEEE-licious, btw).

Many of you are Moms, so you know how creative you have to get and the planning involved when you want to take an ENTIRE day away from your family.  We do not get to do this often, but this time is critical ‘re-charge’ moments to remember who you are and be the best ‘you’  can be for your family!

I digress, Well..we found it takes even more effort to get your birthday friend to get away for the day when you can NOT tell her she is the ‘STAR’ of the show!  To help assure her presence, we even let her hubby in on the festivities.  Would you believe, even with all our pre-planning –  crossing every ‘T’ and dotting every ‘I’ to make sure everything was covered, she cancelled on us because something came up in her schedule!  Now, most people (men), would have thrown in the towel by now, but not us Moms!  Nothing gets in our way when we are on a mission!  The net of it …Michelle was thrilled and completely shocked when we ‘surprised’ her at Melissa’s house that morning!


Here is our group, minus two that had major schedule conflicts.   Michelle is the baby of the group and the one in purple sitting down.  You also see one of Melissa’s dogs, which is a Golden, in the corner of the photo.












Although it is by luck, we each have fun toys are our homes.  Two of us have hot tubs and two have a pool.  In other words, water is almost always part of the theme and a ton of fun! Plus, as a Mom…what better way to decompress with your girls!

The cups above, were part of our goodie bags.  We each got our own colors.  They are non-spillable and perfect for our day of water activities! Super cute and practical!

After our bellies were full and we had relaxed and rejuvenated in the hot tub, we set out for our next location, my home.

We are very fortunate.  Everyone of us is a career woman in a different field, but the men in these women’s lives are absolutely amazing!  The  husbands in the group  take us around, carry our shopping bags, make our reservations and when they are not available,  we will get a car service.   Who would not want to chauffeur this wonderful group of ladies around!?!   🙂

After a dip in the pool…and yes Pepper, the little dog went for a swim with us too…we had a delicious lunch, prepared by yours truly! I made chicken salad, a guacamole bean dip, watermelon, garlic & dill dip (from a farmers market vendor) & to top it off for dessert….drumroll please… A super simple chocolate dessert:  made with chocolate cake, pudding, whipped topping (two layers of each) and topped off with crushed snickers bars.  It was absolutely divine and so simple!


It was the most perfect day out:  not too hot and not humid.  After we ate, we all grabbed a chaise lounger and …yes we are Moms…so we all took a nap :).  It was hysterical! We could not stop laughing about it throughout the rest of the day! But it was incredibly relaxing and peaceful.  NO one asking  you to get them anything ….it was a perfect ‘me-time’ recharge we all OBVIOUSLY needed 🙂 !! #gracetime #moments

Our last stop for dinner was at Debbie’s.  This was the topper to our evening of celebration, as it included an in-house massage – followed by a dip in her hot tub.


Michelle had an amazing birthday she will not soon forget and we all made lots of new memories together and had the perfect day full of #gracetime #moments!

Make the MOST of your time together!  We ALL put our families first, and wouldn’t want it any other way!  We all have so many things going on in our lives, but taking time with your GIRLS to recharge yourself makes you better for your family!

I am so grateful for my girls

Thank you for taking a few moments out of your day to experience my #gracetime #moments! I would love to hear about yours!  Until next time………






Getting Our Zen On at Elevate Akron

Have you ‘yoga’d before?


Until last week, I thought a Chaturanga Pose was a position on an Amtrak train…..LOL.  But when one of the girls from your Shopping Group (explanation of group to come in another blog post) posts that she has acquired tickets to Elevate Akron and invites you to attend….. you say, why not!

What would we DO without Google!  Immediately, I researched what I had just agreed to attend.  How fun! I have never attended a Yoga class before.  I absolutely love PiYo and I love to work out, so why not try Yoga!?  Plus, it is so much more fun to try something when you have back up.  My current workout mat was a little tattered and had been used repeatedly by my daughter and her friends so I went to Amazon (my bestie) and bought a mat and cooling towel for my new experience!

Elevate Akron, is held in our outdoor complex at Lock 3, which is where I take my kids and their friends to ice skate during the winter.  There are also various activities throughout the summer.  Then, it sunk in….. trying Yoga for the first time with 3,000 people around to see me make a fool of myself.  #letsdoit  Besides,  the event partners with Summit Country Children’s Services to raise money and awareness.  I love fun events that also have a philanthropy component.


(photo creds for above pic to Elevate Akron)

We were among the first to arrive, so we had prime real estate for our mats.  Do we go close up front where we can easily see the instructors, but then we run the risk of EVERYONE’S eyes on us while we attempt Yoga.  My girlfriends have all done yoga before……. I was the only Yoga virgin.

Laura found our primo spot, marked it with our mats,  and then checked out the scene.  We noticed a handful of tents promoting yoga and fitness memberships, and then…… we hit the JACKPOT!  Directly in front of us, was a tent that offered donation-based massages and Reiki! Well, of course, we should try both…it IS  for the foster children of Summit Country. 🙂   We tried Reiki to relax us prior to Yoga; and then afterwards, we went back to the tent for a quick massage.   It was perfect and the ladies did a fantastic job!! I highly recommend it!


After Reiki, we explored the Food truck area.  Anyone else pre-game for Yoga with pork tacos (Orange Truck), hummus, beer (HiHO Brewing) and wine?  We, of course, washed it all down with some Restore pressed juice and a peanut butter protein bite (Earth Energy Sustainable Treats).  Everything was delicious.  The hummus was a bit spicy, but the protein bites were devine.


We were ready to get our Zen on!! The group gave us a full hour of yoga and had instructors on stage and spread throughout the grounds.  It was soooooo fun and I felt like I got a GREAT workout!  I can NOT wait to do this again next year! We had a great time and made great memories!  I am so thrilled I tried something new with my girls that was not only  good for my body, BUT, healthy, too! It was also a great lesson for my kids.  Another #gracetime #moment that will not be forgotten.

Pictured below left to right ((Laura (battling breast cancer, please pray for her..She is amazing), Carie, Me, and Michelle))


Cheers and thank you for sharing this #gracetime #moment with me!

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