6 Healthy Reasons Why You Need to Drink Ginger Peach Oolong Tea

Posted on Jan 6 2016 - 1:55pm by Lisa

If you are like me, one of your goals or new Years Resolutions this year is to be healthier.   Drinking the right beverages are a part of that goal.  Some of the healthy drinks on the market taste great and others we try to drink in one gulp while holding our breath.   






1.       It fights colds and flu.  

2.     To relieve nausea

3.     Increases blood flow and is heart healthy 

4.     Ginger reduces joint pain, your monthly pain cycle and headaches

5.     Clears up your skin 

6.     Assists with weight control and maintaining stamina during workouts










Our ginger and peach Oolong tea  is not only healthy but it is 100% organic and contains only natural ingredients such as: 

 (a) high quality Shui Xian Oolong

(b) organic ginger root

(c) organic juicy peach pieces.   

We hand design our teas.  They are not mass-produced and they are fresh when you receive them.    Our teas are offered in 4oz packages and you get approximately 55 servings of tea.  Reuse the leaves up to 4 times.  













Enjoy this one hot or iced.  either way it is refreshing, delicious, not overpowering and provides you the fact you are benefiting from the six reasons that are listed above for drinking this wonderful tea.  Iced tea is so easy to brew, here is our recipe and what couple of things are needed to create a deliciously health and smooth tasting pitcher of iced tea. 









Oh btw… If you want to create an adult version and spice it up a bit, just add a bit of bourbon.  I won’t tell anyone.

Cheers to your health!! 

Shop Ginger & Peach Oolong tea.  

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