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Bravo to a proud member of America’s “Greatest Generation” enjoying ‘Grace Time’

Mary Doneth, who lives in Florida and is one of our Consultants was kind enough to share several photos of their most recent Thanksgiving dinner. Joining friends with family at holidays has been a long-standing tradition in the Doneth household.

Of course, Mary’s husband, Joe handles the carving honors and does it prior to the guests sitting down.  For some reason however according to Mary he never seems to be as hungry as usual during dinner. And coincidentally the 16 pound turkey becoming a 14 pound turkey when it’s finally served may need to be investigated.

Another Joe tradition, we are told that in spite of sneaking a few bites of turkey here and there, he always seems to be able to leave room for several servings of Aunt Betty’s homemade cranberry sauce that only appears at Thanksgiving.

The Doneth photo below was taken as some of the guests were enjoying a cup of our Bravo Decaf with after-dinner conversation.

Mary and parents grace time

The gentleman seated in the center facing you, hands folded is Uncle Carl, Aunt Betty’s husband and a strong 92-year-old, World War II veteran and proud member of American’s Greatest Generation.

A few months ago Uncle Carl flew to Washington DC on one of our famous ‘Honor Flights’.

At American Serenade we are all so very grateful and proud of our heroes in uniform who have or currently serve to protect us.

We are particularly grateful to our ‘Greatest Generation’ who helped rescue and preserve the freedom for us to be able share this Grace Time American Moment with you today.

We invite you to learn more about the important significance of  The Honor Flight program. Please visit:  www.honorflight.org.


If you have Grace Time to share with us, please submit your story to support@americanserenade.com

Thank you,

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Valentine’s Celebration Menus

We love Valentines and are always looking for a way to celebrate throughout the day, instead of the typically couple of hours at the end of a rushed day.   Grace encourages us to create the time and treasure what moments we have together.  Keeping our relationship with our spouse and/or sweetie strong helps to keep the family strong.     It has started to become a joke amongst many of my girlfriends that birthdays are turning into birth weeks or months of celebration.  So why can’t we make Valentines Day more of an event as well.  We took Grace’s advice and created two Valentine’s Day Event Menu.  Please feel free to use the menu’s as they are or use them as inspiration to create the special day that works for you both! Either way, we wish you wonderful Grace Time.

Valentines Pairing Menu_second










Valentines Pairing Menu2

We would love to hear how you are planning to celebrate Valentines Day.  Please share with us via email :  support@americanserenade.com 


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Grace & Lisa

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14 Days of Valentines

Introducing our series the 14 Days of Valentines.  This series will include many items to help with your Valentine celebration, including;  our version of heart candy sayings,  tips from Grace and our customer’s on how to make the most of your  Grace Time with your sweetie and of course a full menu for the big day.
















day4valentine Day4howkeepintouch





“I usually have to add creamer and flavoring to my coffee, but I can drink this black!” – Rachael S. 




















“I wanted to let you know how much Todd and I LOVE the American

Serenade coffees that we have delivered through your monthly coffee

club! I have to admit, we are “coffee snobs” and love a good quality

coffee every morning and not just when we go to a specialty shop. Your

coffees have given us the quality we were looking for every morning!

We also love the monogrammed coffee mugs! Again, I’m very particular

about a coffee mug and these are a great quality mug!

Thanks for introducing us to the American Serenade coffees.” – Kelly 


















“This is my favorite wine, I can not get enough of American Serenade’s Blueberry Ice Wine” – Carie

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A Mother and Daughter Saturday Activity

Michele is a teacher  and one of our monthly coffee club members.  She was introduced to us by hosting her own in-home tasting and says she has been hooked ever since.  She even travels with her American Serenade coffee.  Michele decided to try our teas as well.  Her Saturday morning Grace Time with her daughter involved tasting our loose leaf tea and then dissecting it to find out more about what made up the tea.   Michelle said “We loved learning more about the plants that God provides for us to nourish our bodies”.

Thanks Michele for sharing with American Serenade the special time you had with your daughter.











Have you experienced  Grace Time?  We would love to hear about it and may even share it on our blog.  Submit your Grace Times to American Serenade:  support@americanserenade.com






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If You Had Just One Wish

Hello, this is Grace and it’s really…really cold today.


On days like this you will often find our family indoors, all of us in the same house at the same time!

Winter usually provides those days to us but this winter is unlike most and being together always offers opportunities that can present interesting outcomes. So this evening we decided it was time again to re-acquaint ourselves with some individuals with whom we share life, our children.

Our kids are no different from most, they will talk about the most unusual subjects if we let them. And believe me finding ways to provoke conversation can be challenging. So we’re creatively persistent. When we succeed, we work hard to be patient listeners and we think that we know them fairly well.

But they are young and we also understand that knowing them well this week may have little bearing on what priorities are important to them next week or even a day later. So we sometimes play a game we call ‘If You Had Just One Wish’.

When we play ‘Wish’, our objective is simple. We want them to know how much we care about understanding what is most important to them. And while playing ‘Wish’ we almost always find that priorities have changed in their lives. Sometimes dramatically.


We are never surprised when the first round, a personal wish, begins with a wish for something grand. Their most important dream no matter how grand or seemingly trivial is just what we want to learn. Even knowing that, sometimes too often, their wish cannot be fashioned into reality at the time.

And when it’s our round-one turn, we sometimes find ourselves having to say that our most important wish is to some day help them make their wish come true.

Round two is really interesting because this is where the wish is restricted to a best friend. Imagine the possibilities here along with the opportunity to encourage them to make an important wish for someone else’s benefit. And, can you image when that best friend is someone whose name you are just hearing for the first time?    I love this game!

Round three’s wish must be for someone they know about but is not a close friend. And with the kids’ it’s always a surprise, often entertaining, usually informative, and sometimes in the most unusual ways.

We will forever cherish one instance when The Wish was for a schoolmate, whom we later learned was continually abused and neglected at home.  The wish was that their classmate could get to know our family better and feel love.

If I had just one wish, it would be that you have also experienced that amazing sense of life’s warm fulfillment as we did on that eventful day. I really do love that game.

With Love and Grace Time Memories to You and Your Family,





PS: Read about how Grace entered our life




Homemade Peppermint Mocha

Peppermint Mocha

Rating: 51

Peppermint Mocha

How do we handle those snow days. We face them head on. Create your very own homemade Peppermint Mocha at your convenience and a great cost savings.


  • American Serenade Mint Mocha Coffee
  • Homemade whipped cream
  • Cocoa powder to sprinkle
  • Candy cane


  1. Brew your mint mocha coffee using your favorite method
  2. Top with whipped cream
  3. Sprinkle with cocoa powder
  4. Stick a candy cane in and allow to melt

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Christmas Grace Time for Michelle , Amy and a young Gracie

We love hearing from you.  And we want you to know that you are making a difference.

Sharing your Grace Time stories allows us the honor to again put a face on the real America. For after all our country  is composed of unique individuals who exhibit so many seemingly common characteristics.  Yet as a whole, we are truly an exceptionally uncommon nation.

Not long after September 11, 2001 a Romanian journalist summed it up perfectly.

He had watched US television almost non-stop for days attempting to understand how and why Americans from all over this land came to New York City to help.  What both confused and amazed him about this unorganized yet peaceful uprising was that no government had put out an edict to come.  No one was commanded to be there. NO one was being paid to help.  Yet here we were ..but why?

After hundreds of hours watching in amazement, his simple conclusion was summed up in one beautifully uncommon characteristic that said it all….’Freedom‘.

Here are a few of our customer’s Grace Times from Christmas.  And thank you for giving us the opportunity to share in your seemingly common, yet exceptionally American moments.


We will started with our youngest Grace Time moment yet.

Young Gracie’s Grace Time,

Grace F, as her mother describes her, is an old soul.  She loves teas and to try new ones.

Gracie’s parents, who are also monthly coffee club members, purchased a gift basket from American Serenade filled with Tea goodies for their daughter for Christmas.









Her mom, Kelly, told us she  was thrilled with her Tea Infuser and assortment of loose leaf teas that her parents bought her for Christmas.  


Today Grace was at a sled riding party with friends and the kids were sharing what they each received for gifts, although her American Serenade tea basket was the first thing that came to her mind, at 10 years of age, she was afraid her friends would not be as excited as she was, so she shared something else.  :) Although the first request when she came home from a day out in the cold and snow, was a warm bath and hot tea.   

Thanks Grace, we love hearing your story and how much you appreciate tea as much as we do. 

Next, Amy M’s Grace Time, which includes here children and their beloved dog. 


Amy’s Grace time

Amy has once again been enjoying coffee through American Serenade.  She ordered a sampler box of flavored coffees to find her favorites.  She also ordered one as a Christmas gift for a friend, although she secretly told us, shhh, that she opened the sampler gift pack and after trying our coffees, she pulled out her favorites and kept them for herself and gave the remainder as the gift.

One of her favorites, is our Snickerdoodle, which she is enjoying below.


During Amy’s Grace Time,  her kids were playing out in the snow and when they came inside they enjoyed cups of hot chocolate, while Amy enjoyed her cup of Union (Snickerdoodle) coffee.  Both are especially good with a dollop of whipped cream.  :)

Amy tells us that her family is addicted to whipped cream, and they keep their American Serenade whipped cream maker stocked at all times.  Shh…she tells each time her and her daughters go into the refrigerator they sneak a taste of whipped cream.  Even their dog, Marley is hooked.  Marley can hear the whipped cream being poured and she comes running to sneak her share :), we love that!!

Who could say no to this sweet face? marley up close

marleys taste


Michelle R.’s Grace Time

Michelle’s sweet tooth Grace Time.   Michelle has two young children and a husband that has been working crazy hours lately,  Michelle took some ‘me time’ and treated herself to Mint chocolate chip cookies, which she baked, and paired it with our Medley Coffee (Mocha Mint).   What a delicious combination! 


Michelle tells us ” This time of year I always bakes a few of the same treats that her grandmother made at Christmas.  It always brings back such great memories of time with my grandparents.”.

Some of the other cookies she baked were Buckeyes and peanut butter kisses (pictured below).

peanutbutter kisses



They look delicious Michelle!! We love hearing how you want to carry on traditions from your Grandmother!







So please continue to cherish and share your Grace Time moments with American Serenade.  We feel blessed that you want to share those moments.

Do you have a Grace Time moment? Please submit them to us at support@americanserenade.com


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Lisa & Grace

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Grace’s New Year’s Reflection & A Wish

Grace’s Poem

New Year’s Reflection & A Wish


At first so young and right, so innocent in your sight.

But as I grew, I made mistakes and began my breath of life to take.


Now older and somehow wiser, is this what you had planned?

That I should need to see life first to learn and take a stand?


I hope this was your vision because it now seems such a shame.

That I missed those between years as your presence had remained.


Well I’m older now with a family. And beside me you’ve always been.

It’s not too late this day I hope to amend for that…again.


The times, you know they were often, where I had neglected your daily sign.

That you were here beside me and had signaled all was fine.

 Last night I saw the sun kneel down. Then it struck me oh so clear.

How sad that I had missed it in all those younger years.

You spoke to me with your sunset through my heart to mind I could feel,

That you would sustain protect me in a way that’s true and real.

You say Goodnight with a Sunset to each of us each day.

My wish is we then remember you, as You do us…I pray.

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Melissa’s Coffee House at her House

We’ve tried it. And now we’re pushing back because those ‘Big Company Gurus’ just didn’t understand! 
We’re Bringing The Coffee House Home…Again!!
One of our customers shared her approach & brought her Coffee House Home ..Again!
Melissa loved the concept and after exchanging a few ideas with our Customer Care Artisans, she was ready to again take charge in deciding what suits her individual needs best.
Here are the tools Melissa had handy for her home coffee treat:

1. American Serenade Mocha Mint Coffeemint and chocolate

2. Whipped cream (the fluffy kind you find at coffee houses, she made at home using our dispenser)

3. Chocolate syrup (grocery store purchased)

   4. And, a familiar place with a comfortable and friendly Melissa chair, her favorite coffee cup and a warm friendly environment that she created especially for her.

 Our coffees average about $.25/cup and most of the toppings you can find in your spice cabinet or refrigerator.  
Melissa was at her house under her rules while allowing Melissa some much appreciated and well deserved ’me time’!  And btw, she has also made our Harvest Spice treat, using our Harvest Spiced coffee, with whipped cream and caramel topping and says “It’s delicious, so much easier than I thought and it provides me a variety at home.” 
Melissas Coffee House
As Grace say’s:
Our lives our nuts these days so please feel free to find time to just be yourself, you’ve earned it!
It’s possible–even required–to make special time to be with yourself, your friends and your family. And giving the ‘Gift of Time‘ requires a healthy dose of pampering yourself as well as enjoying the company of others.
So Feel Free! Bring the Coffee House Home…Again!  Read more about Bringing the Coffee House Home.  





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